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MBBS In China

China is the most preferred country by the students for medical education. Many students are willing and interested to study aboard for a better education, and for a new experience. In china students will connect to it's unique blend of ancient and modern civilization. Studying in china shows 95% positive impact, through that many students are opting china for their mbbs program. The students will visit new places with other students came from across the world and you'll find yourself opening your eyes not just to china, but to the whole world. For more than 55 years china is giving medical education for students from across the world, and a result of it china is ranked among the top countries offering quality education. In china students are taught with a new technology and techniques which helped them to deal with some different and difficult situation in the future. Chinese universities offer courses in English Language. The course duration is of SIX years which are included with an internship of one year. Mbbs in china allows student to study for Five years, and internship of ONE year which can be done in India as well. The great educational infrastructures in Asia, the cheap, cost wise and highly reputed in technology. Mbbs in china costs very low. Mbbs in china starts from Rs 2,00,000/year and for five-year plan. If you incurred the hostel fees it will cost you Rs 20,00,000

Why Indian students choose to study Mbbs in China?

No entrance test is required and no donation is taken for admission Fees is very low, and affordable Starting fees is 2.5 lakh for most of the universities in china Studying in china is straightforward, and systematic global exeptance is give to the mbbs program of china mbbs in china is taught in English secured hostel facilities with comfortable environment.

Located in Southeast Asia along the coastline of the pacific ocean. Much of western china is mountains with the Himalaya, tian and Pamir ranges. Western china also has a large desert. Central china consists of mountains regions.
The Population of China is over 1.40 billion people. This is about 1/5 of the world's population.
The area of china is 9,596,961 km^2
Beijing is the capital of the Republic of China. Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin etc are the largest city of china. CLIMATE: The weather varies from location to location in china, so each university has its own beauty in each season. Students can enjoy their study life on campus or travel around in the city during vacations.
Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism are three major religions in China. LANGUAGE: The most spoken varieties are Mandarin (natively spoken by over 70% of the population) Other Recognized Regional language Mongolian, Tibetan, Uyghur, Zhuang, various other
LITERACY RATE: 94% (male - 96% & female - 88. 5%)
Renminbi (Yuan) It is abbreviated as RMB.
China Standard Time (UTC+8)
Studying and Living in China is cheaper than studying and living in European countries the U. S Japan, South Korea and many other countries.